Personal Finance App Ranking Has Many Familiar Names and One Big Gainer 


When dealing with personal finances, it’s probably best to have no surprises. The latest edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps keeps things nice and steady, for the most part, with some minor shifts among the competitors. 

There is one big change, but it’s a good one. One app has gained seven points and five spots in the rankings since last time. So, let’s check the sums and see where things stand this time. 

The Top 5 

Holding on to the top spot is Chime. This app was ranked first a month ago and is there again with a score of 99. 

There’s another familiar name in the second position. Stash shared this spot last time but now has it all to itself with a score of 97. 

The app that shared that spot last month has slipped to No. 3. Robinhood is three points behind with a score of 94. 

Bumped from the third ranking, Albert Save And Spend Smarter has landed at No. 4. This app is just one point behind with a score of 93. 

After some pretty sedate activity so far, here’s a big change: Mint has jumped five levels in the rankings since last month. The app now rests at No. 5 with a score of 89 — seven points higher than last time. Mint gained a Bill Negotiation Tool in January. Look like it drives a hard bargain! 

The Top 10 

Bumped by some moves in the higher rankings, Current has slipped two spots and landed at No. 6. It’s three points behind the app ahead of it with a score of 86. 

Also slipping two levels in the rankings is Acorns. This app is ranked seventh with a score of 85. 

Inching down one spot since last time is Fidelity Investments. This app now sits at the No. 8 position. 

Continuing the trend, Emma Budget Manager dips one spot on the list and is now ranked ninth. 

Rounding out this month’s top 10 is MyWisely Financial Wellness. This app has slipped four spots in the rankings but remains among this elite group.