Three Contenders Join the Top 10 in the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps

When considering our personal finances, we like to think that more is better than less. We think the same is true when it comes to the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps, so we’re pleased to see that this month’s Top 10 includes 13 apps. 

As you may have calculated, that means there are some tie scores, meaning that some apps are sharing spots among this elite group of top-ranked apps. Let’s see who they are by checking the math and seeing where things stand this month. 

The Top 5 

Topping the list again is Chime, which recorded a total score of 99 this month. That’s a good way to stay on top. 

Not far behind, we have a tie between two apps that scored 96. Sharing the No. 2 spot are Robinhood, which was here last time, and Stash, which has edged up one spot in the rankings from where it was last month. 

Now occupying the third spot is Albert Save And Spend Smarter, which has moved up two spots. 

Right behind and advancing just as fast is Current, which gains two spots in the rankings and now sits at No. 4. 

That means an app had to give up that spot, and that’s Acorns Invest Spare Change, which inched down to fifth in the rankings. 

The Top 10 

In the No. 6 spot this month we have myWisely Financial Wellness, which has leaped and landed there after being ranked eighth last time. 

Gaining ground just as fast is Fidelity Investments, jumping two spots in the rankings and now resting at No. 7 

Another up-and-comer is Emma Budget Manager, which like the previous two contenders has gained two positions. This app has moved from tenth to eighth. 

Making room for the others is SoFi, which slid two levels and is now ranked at No. 9. 

Closing out this month’s top 10, we have a three-way tie. Sharing this spot in the rankings are three apps that didn’t make the cut last time but are now among this elite group: MintMoney Pro and Wallet. 

After having only 10 apps in the top 10 last month, we now count 13. That’s the kind of gain we like to see in our own personal finance app, and it’s a great way to close the books on this edition of the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps.