Sizzle/Fizzle: Toys Get Some Play, While Cryptos Get Dumped


Toys: Yes, the last several months have been Toys R Us focused. But the wooden soldiers and dolls still march on, and game consoles still fly off the shelves. Beyond the banner bankruptcy of Toys R Us, NPD Group finds that the toy industry is indeed growing, at 4 percent globally last year, led by Mexico at 15 percent and the U.S. at 11 percent.

Home Depot: DIY sizzles in the summer, as the home goods retailer puts up an earnings report that bests expectations, handily, and comp stores were up 8 percent. One tailwind has been rising housing prices. Put the money in and get the money out, it seems – and maybe make a profit when you sell.

SMB Optimism: Gets a new peak reading as the CNBC/SurveyMonkey index hits 62, and 58 percent of small businesses say conditions are “good” as noted in the second quarter, up from 53 percent last quarter.


ICOs: The Wild West of initial coin offerings has a long list of victims. The exit scams, according to Diar, have hit investors to the tune of almost $100 million. Kaspersky estimates that phishing sites take shape and lure investors, even before ICO sites hit the ground running.

Cryptocurrencies: And after the ICO? Well, digital currencies have fizzled as well, managing to touch a nadir this week, with some once high-flying names slipping double-digit percentages. Amid continued confusion over taxes, regulations and fears that mainstream adoption may never get here, the group is about 70 percent off its recent highs.

Chinese Tech Companies: High-flying stocks and household names, but laid low as the specter of government actions loom over profits. Tencent, Alibaba and slip double digits amid Tencent’s earnings report. The company posted its first earnings decline in a decade as the government nixes new games. Next up and next week, Alibaba tees off on the earnings field.