US Entrepreneurship Appetite Growing

Entrepreneurship in the United States gained ground in 2015, which marked an end to a decline that had stretched out over five years.

Those are among the key takeaways from a report by the Kauffman Foundation.

In a survey conducted by the research firm and recounted by The Virginian-Pilot, it was estimated that there are 310 new entrepreneurs as measured per 1,000 adults, which is a 10 percent gain from the nadir of 2010. Extrapolating that detail, the 2015 number implies that there are 530,000 new owners of smaller firms each month.

However, borrowing is coming in at an anemic pace, which is not all that surprising, perhaps, given the lagging of small business pay beginning over the time of the Great Recession. Some have said they feel a loss of confidence, with an intent to begin paying debt down as it is reclassified as junk.

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