Groupon Goes Local And Uptown

In an effort to help promote local businesses for National Small Business Week next week, Chicago’s Uptown Chamber group Business Partners joined up with Groupon for a community event called Discover Uptown Collection. Through this joint effort, the intention is to celebrate local merchants on the city’s picturesque lakefront.

At the event, Groupon is making it possible to donate $10 to Uptown United, which supports educational programs in the Uptown neighborhood. It’ll also be providing impact grants to the organization over the course of two Uptown Saturday Nights events.

For each item purchased at the Discover Uptown Collection, Groupon will donate $1 to Uptown United.

Business Partner’s director of business services, John Blick, commented on this fourth Groupon Chicago neighborhood event: “Groupon’s ability to feature our diverse array of businesses across mobile and web, plus their hyper-local marketing expertise, are an ideal way for new and established businesses to reach a Chicago-wide audience. We’re excited about how the campaign incentivizes people to come check out our neighborhood and gives them an opportunity to help local schools — making it a win-win for the entire community. And Groupon’s impact grants will continue to drive Uptown discovery throughout the year.”

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