New Report Highlights Impact of Embedded Lending Options on Small Business Banking Preferences

Download the Study How Embedded Lending Can Boost Growth and Stability for Small Businesses

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    Embedded lending can help microbusinesses and small businesses grow and maintain smooth operations despite unstable cash flows.

    However, PYMNTS Intelligence’s latest study finds that relatively few microbusinesses and small businesses currently take advantage of this lending solution. In fact, fewer than one in five respondents used it in the last year. The data highlights unmet needs for access to lending, especially among microbusinesses.

    Interestingly, more than seven in 10 of these businesses that used this lending solution in the last year report high satisfaction with their available business credit tools.

    These are some of the findings explored in “How Embedded Lending Can Boost Growth and Stability for Small Businesses,” a PYMNTS Intelligence report commissioned by Visa. This report is based on a survey of 3,160 microbusinesses and small businesses from across six major economies: Australia, Germany, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The report examines how microbusinesses and small businesses use embedded lending to grow their businesses and ensure stable cash flows.

    The report explores several key topics lenders need to know to meet the needs of microbusinesses and small businesses.

    Inside “How Embedded Lending Can Boost Growth and Stability for Small Businesses”:

    • The relationship between cash flow stability and how microbusinesses and small businesses use credit.
    • The unmet demand for lending solutions among microbusinesses and small businesses.
    • How much microbusinesses and small businesses borrow using embedded lending, and how offering this solution can improve your bottom line.
    • How availability is increasingly impacting how businesses choose providers.
    • What factors determine how willing microbusinesses and small businesses are to share their financial data.

    The report features 10 charts of exclusive data and actionable insights. Download to learn how embedded lending can change the game for smaller businesses looking to smooth their cash flows and achieve growth.