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Today In Data: Digital’s Growing New Frontiers

Today In Data: Digital’s Growing New Frontiers

It might not have been a great week in the stock market for tech or retail firms, but by the numbers, there’s also been an awful lot of demonstrated growing consumer affection for all things digital when it comes to commerce. Amazon saw strong gains and sales results in Q3, even if Q4 predictions failed to inspire. Subscription boxes are increasingly a global phenomenon, and Grubhub’s solid quarter indicates that dining digitally is an increasingly favored way to answer the eternal question about what to have for dinner. Doing more for customers – and doing better by the world – was an ongoing theme of the week, particularly as the holiday shopping season gets closer.


$34.4 billion: Amazon North American sales in Q3.

6 billion: Number of new credit cards circulated each year.

$1.32 billion: Value of the U.K. subscription box market by 2022.

279 million: Number of Amazon Prime subscribers estimated in the U.S. by 2029.

52 percent: Grubhub’s year-over-year revenue growth to $247.2 million.e