Today In Data

Finding Value While Fending Off Threats

For years, it seemed every payments prestidigitator was predicting an imminent mobile disruption. After a run of false starts, the digital revolution is finally upon us. And not just in the U.S.: Digital platforms are how the world does business. That business now ranges far and wide. Consumers want to be mobile for every financial transaction, and firms like LendingClub have been able to ride that trend into an unexpected comeback. They also like being mobile for every commercial transaction — particularly since digital tends to send prices down. Yet, for all there is to cheer about, businesses and platforms aren’t the only ones surfing the digital wave; cyber criminals and identity thieves abound.

$26.8 billion: Estimated total value of the consumer mobile payments market by 2026.

2.1 billion: Projected number of digital mobile payments platforms used globally by 2019.

2 percent: The average amount airline ticket prices have fallen over the last year.

2.8 million: The number of applications LendingClub processed in Q1.

100 percent: The amount identity theft rates have climbed, by some accounts, during Q1.