Today In Data: Ending 2018, Predicting 2019

2018: The Year of the Payments Power Broker

Getting into the predictions game in payments and commerce is always a dangerous move, as things so often take unexpected and unprecedented turns. Could anyone have predicted the rise of “bleisure” travel or Canadians’ love affair with plastic? Still, some bets seem worth hazarding: eCommerce will likely continue its growth spurt, for example. Other things – like payroll systems getting their first major disruption in over a decade – are certainly worth following, even if the tea leaves aren’t quite clear yet.


$3 billion: The amount Tencent has invested in 40 U.S. companies over the last seven years.

50 minutes: The amount of time per month consumers spend on shopping apps.

20 percent: Average global increase in “bleisure” trips reported in 2016 and 2017.

8.7 percent: The share that Canadian pay card usage increased between 2016 and 2017.

2: The number of paydays the average full-time worker has in a month.