Combating Money Laundering With Automation

Combating Money Laundering With Automation

Solution providers are working to address proper compliance for financial institutions (FIs) and corporations across global markets. In addition, Kroger has become one of the most aggressive would-be innovators in the grocery space. And gross domestic product (GDP) growth is slowing, as retail numbers are showing lumpiness. All this, Today In Data.


90 percent: The estimated portion of false positives flagged by AML software at banks.

58 percent: The increase in digital sales for Kroger in 2018.

23: The number of countries blacklisted by the European Commission for their AML and counter terrorist financing (CTF) framework decencies.

2.6 percent: The rate at which the U.S. economy grew at an annualized pace for the fourth quarter, a slowdown from the third quarter.

1 percent: The estimated share of intercepted proceeds from financial crimes.