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Driving Payments Innovation With Installments And Automation

Payments Innovation Via Installments, Automation

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can make their operations run smoother by tapping into automated processes, electronic invoices and accounts receivable (AR) tools for digital payments. In payments innovation, mass transit is driving the global future of contactless payments. And in retail, Apple is embracing installment payments as it plans to make its iPhone products and wearables more accessible to customers. All this, Today in Data.


100: Number of partners Visa announced has enrolled in its global transit partner program.

$64B: Apple’s Q4 revenues, which come as the tech company embraces installment payments.

20.8 percent: Expected CAGR of the eInvoicing market from 2017 to 2026.

$16: Minimum amount it costs to manually process a paper invoice.

$3B: Projected value of the automated accounts receivable market by 2024.