Great Expectations (And Demand) For Gig Workers And Digital Services Gone Global

Gig Workers And Digital Services Gone Global

The idea of “on demand” is firmly entrenched in the consumer mindset – increasingly so, as services are ever more digital, and rendered on a global scale. The opportunity is there for banks, retailers and media companies, among others, to tap new markets and consumers’ hunger to transact across borders and currencies.  But local market preferences dominate, and so do regulations – and they must be considered, carefully, by firms looking to make the leap beyond home base. The idea of digital platforms operating a service is also illustrated by Fiverr, which brings a “storefront” mentality to the gig economy marketplace.


$7.3 billion: Annual amount cross-border platforms will spend on artificial intelligence by 2022.

137 million: Size of Netflix’s global user base.

80 percent: Share of consumer interactions projected to be handled by AI in 2023.

37 percent: The amount that SMBs’ hiring of gig workers increased in six months in 2017.

$230 billion: The amount spent by consumers during their commutes amid contextual commerce.