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COVID-19’s Impact On Retail’s Reopening And The Healthcare System 

COVID-19’s Impact On Retail And Healthcare

Policymakers, economists and epidemiologists have been modeling the cost/benefit of reopening the economy, and consumers have been making their own calculations. In retail, Macy’s and Simon Property Group are heading up the list of reopenings. And in health, COVID-19 is showing the vulnerability of some parts of the healthcare system. All this, Today in Data.


1,033: Number of new COVID-19 cases Texas had by May 1.

225: Average number of days consumers believe the pandemic will last as of April 27.

39.2%: Share of consumers who shop for retail goods online more often than they did on March 6.

11.3%: Portion of consumers who say they are extremely interested in leaving their homes more often than they do today.

$3.6T: Value of the U.S. healthcare market.