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The Growth Of ‘The Starbucks of South Korea’ In North America

Expansion Of ‘Starbucks of South Korea’

Paris Baguette, the casual pastry and coffee chain that is known as “the Starbucks of South Korea,” is growing its North American footprint. The primary demographic for Paris Baguette is Asian neighborhoods in major U.S. cities, and the firm is now aiming for a broader audience in additional locales. Paris Baguette’s competitors include Pret a MangerAu Bon Pain and Le Pain Quotidien, which recently filed for bankruptcy. All this, Today in Data.


3.5K: Approximate number of stores Paris Baguette has in South Korea.

$152M:  Paris Baguette’s sales from 81 U.S. locations in 2019.

98: Number of U.S. locations Le Pain Quotidien sold to NY-based food brand Aurify.

50%: Minimum share of Fortune 500 organizations that got their start during previous recessions.

12: Number of subsidiaries SPC Group operates, including Paris Baguette.