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Meeting The Pressure For Faster, Safer, More Seamless Systems

Pressure For Faster, Safer, Seamless Systems

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic slowed some parts of normal life to a crawl, while others saw their paces quickened unexpectedly. Financial services remains a growing segment, and the needs in both consumer and treasury banking are expanding and becoming more complex. Consumers’ changing needs are reinventing retail, as people are attempting to right-size their purchasing prerogatives to better mesh with their new lifestyles. And across the board with every innovation, we see the same follow-up question: How can we do it faster next time?


21K: Number of new positions added within the financial services industry in July of 2020.

68%: Share of millennial consumers who see reviews, recommendations and a familiar checkout process as critical to their purchase decisions.

52.2%: Portion of Americans who have received at least one disbursement in the last 12 months.

20%: Average portion of their total wardrobe that a consumer actually wears.

13%: Share of consumers who received an instant disbursement in the last 12 months.