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Retail Expansions In Social Commerce And D2C Business Models

Retail Expansions In Social Commerce, D2C

Instagram is providing social shopping to additional businesses, including its own community of influencers, as social commerce maintains its pandemic-fueled momentum. And Newegg is mastering the art of the pivot, having piloted a unique business model with a platform that directly connects suppliers and consumers. All this, Today in Data.


2011: The year Newegg launched a marketplace model where other sellers accessed its eCommerce platform.

$186B: Amount of social commerce sales in China in 2019.

102%: YOY increase in unique visitors Newegg achieved in its new business model pilot.

90%: Share of business decision-makers who said digital commerce will become their most important sales channel within one to three years.

80: Number of brands that Sephora says it has put onto Instagram checkout.