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The Growth Of Digital Marketplaces And Livestreaming In Retail


Walmart has teamed with Shopify to bolster its online marketplace presence. The retailer will add Shopify sellers to its marketplace and will especially aim to have small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) join its eCommerce lineup. And livestreaming is popular in China, while all signs show that major online shopping firms there will keep on a path to expansion. All this, Today in Data.

Today in Data


1,200: Maximum number of Shopify sellers Walmart will add to its marketplace this year under a deal with the retailer.

90%: Top share of Walmart’s assortment offered online estimated as of last month to come from its online marketplace.

74%: Percentage by which Walmart saw its eCommerce sales leap in the latest quarter.

$61B: Value of transactions China’s livestreaming eCommerce sector generated in 2019.

2.5M: Number of sellers Amazon has on its platform.