Software Platform Envase Creates Mobile App for Drayage Drivers

Drayage, Envase, mobile app

Envase, a software platform for supply chains, has released a new mobile app to support drayage drivers and back-office workers, according to a Tuesday (April 5) press release.

The app is reportedly built from “hundreds of years” of collective experience and will connect with all Envase Intermodal and Drayage TMS products, including Compcare, GTG and Profit Tools.

Envase Mobile will also provide automated communication between drivers and back-office operations, per the release. There will be instant receipts of proof of delivery and real-time visibility for drivers’ deliveries, as well as the ability to collect eSignatures and dispatch directly through the app.

Additionally, there will be better in-app chat features, allowing drivers and back-office workers to communicate easier without waiting on hold.

“Envase Mobile helps to digitize the lifecycle of a container across the drayage and intermodal ecosystem,” Larry Cuddy Jr., Envase founder and CEO, said in the release. “It saves drivers significant time that they used to spend visiting the office before departure. And it gives them so many tools — from heightened visibility to simplified communication and even accelerated cash flow — it truly elevates their experience while ensuring better performance and results for everyone in the process.”

PYMNTS wrote that truckers face numerous issues related to the speed and efficiency of parts of the job, such as having to pay to get trailers unloaded and having to facilitate that in a manner that is often time-consuming.

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The report noted that there needs to be quicker ways to pay and better ways to get through those solutions, including more mobile solutions. RoadSync Advance, a new payment management platform, is looking to facilitate that by making it easier for brokers and carriers to pay various over the road fees.

“What RoadSync Advance does is allows brokers and carriers to preauthorize and track truck driver expenses inside and outside of the RoadSync vendor network,” RoadSync CEO Robin Gregg told PYMNTS. “So, it’s really connecting both sides of the financial transaction and providing full visibility to the carrier and broker market.”