Sensory’s VoiceHub Will Boost Accessibility For Voice Assistants

Sensory has released VoiceHub, an online portal for developers to create voice control command sets for prototyping, and the platform will allow users to add a natural language voice user interface (UI) to anything, with the help of more vocabulary additions, according to a press release.

VoiceHub and its companion app for Android and iOS, the release stated, will also come with Sensory’s integration of TrulyNatural, which is a large vocabulary speech recognition program that runs on the device with customizable natural language suggestions.

Voice UI designers will be able to leverage the new capability to produce natural language-enabled products that can support dozens of languages and dialects. That will help create more products to help a global market.

Sensory CEO Todd Mozer said in the release that the access to these tools “helps to accelerate the next wave of branded voice experiences and domain-specific, customized voice assistants.”

“Since releasing the VoiceHub beta in October, VUI designers around the world have used it to create hundreds of voice AI models for dozens of automotive, wearable, smart speaker and smart home products,” Mozer said in the release. “Our new large vocabulary and NLU capabilities will unlock enhanced VUI functionality with intents and entities. This empowers designers to develop more complex and truly conversational voice interfaces with the capability of handling millions of unique phrases.”

Sensory is partnering with STMicroelectronics to host a VoiceHub webinar, which will focus on how to use the product and create custom wake words, domain-specific models and more, the release stated.

Mozer spoke with PYMNTS last year about the unexpected advantage of voice technology amid the pandemic. He said popular contactless ways of doing business open up a window for voice control tech.

Mozer said the question now becomes how to keep improving the technology, including perfecting voice recognition and standardization across every popular product, which hasn’t happened yet.