Walmart Hiring 3K Drivers for InHome Direct-to-Fridge Grocery Delivery Expansion

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Walmart is upping its grocery delivery game with the hiring of 3,000 associate drivers to expand its InHome direct-to-fridge service to 30 million U.S. households by the end of this year.

“We’ve been operating InHome in select markets over the last two years and have found it is a perfect solution for customers who want to live their lives without worrying about making it to the store or being home to accept a delivery,” Tom Ward, senior vice president, last-mile at Walmart U.S. said in a press release on Wednesday (Jan. 5).

Ward added that Walmart’s “purpose” is to bring its customers new ways to “save time and money” and InHome delivery is a perfect example.

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Currently available to 6 million households, InHome delivery was launched in 2019 to bring groceries and other everyday essentials direct to customers’ refrigerators. The service will also pick up returns.

InHome employs “highly trained associates” who use a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s door or garage using the InHome app, which then pairs with smart entry technology. The customer is notified by the app of what is happening, and a body camera worn by the associate records the entire delivery.

Aside from growing the service with the addition of new drivers, Walmart is also planning to build out a fleet of 100% all-electric delivery vans. Implementing electric vehicles (EV) aligns with Walmart’s goal of having a zero-emissions logistics fleet by 2040. The retail giant has a growing infrastructure of 1,396 EV charging stations at stores and clubs across 41 states, according to the release.

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The service costs $19.95 per month or $148 annually, including tips, which is built into the membership. There are no additional fees aside from the optional smart lock from InHome for $49.95.

Associate delivery drivers are full-time Walmart employees and earn an additional $1.50 per hour more than most positions with the company. They also qualify for full benefits, including paid time off, no-cost counseling, and 100% tuition reimbursement.

“This new role is yet another example of how technology is enabling us to offer new career opportunities that just didn’t exist a few years ago,” said Julie Murphy, executive vice president and chief people officer, Walmart U.S.