Volkswagen, Huawei Negotiate Autonomous Driving Unit Deal

Volkswagen might be gearing up for an autonomous driving unit — it’s in talks with Huawei to buy its version of that, a Reuters report says.

That could come with a price tag of “billions of euros.”

This has been a recent trend, with automakers investing large sums in autonomous driving as it looks to be finally taking off in small ways, at least.

Some consider it to be “the future of mobility,” according to the Reuters report.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen chief executive, said he thinks there will likely be a widespread and more profitable field 25 years from now.

As such, Diess said the company has been looking into more partnerships to boost its self-sufficiency in software.

Reuters wrote that leaders have been negotiating the deal, which involves tech systems Volkswagen isn’t highly expert in, for the last few months.

In addition to that, augmented reality is being used to give potential customers a way to deal with vehicles differently – as if they were in a showroom.

The new tech allows them to experience the car in motion as if they were on the road.

Volkswagen announced it would make use of this technology to advertise a new vehicle last year that would be on one million Amazon shipping boxes; each would come with a QR code taking the user on a virtual driving experience on a 3D map.

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The game will also come with soundtrack selection.

Kimberley Gardiner, senior VP of Volkswagen brand marketing, said driving and music have been a “perfect pairing,” and that it would allow for a “unique, music-driven way” to experience things.

Users will be able to record and share their drives and get a free Amazon Music Unlimited trial, too.

In addition, the automaker also did some television spots for the Taos vehicle, which was created in partnership with the creative agency.