Amazon’s ‘Build It’ To Let Customers Vote On Products To Make

Amazon’s new “Build It” feature will let customers weigh in on what the eCommerce giant should build next, the eCommerce giant announced in a Wednesday (Feb. 17) blog.

The idea, according to Amazon, is that the company will occasionally post some various new ideas being considered and allow users to vote on which ones to make through pre-ordering them.

If a concept reaches its pre-order goals within 30 days, the company says, it will begin to build it.

Pre-orders will also come with special prices, and customers will only be charged for items that are eventually made and shipped, according to the blog.

The pre-orders that are not met won’t be built and the customers voting for those won’t be charged, Amazon says.

Amazon promises the new idea is “low risk, high reward, and a whole lot of fun.”

There are several “Build It” features going live today for voting to commence, including a smart sticky note printer, a smart nutrition scale and a smart cuckoo clock, all of which Amazon touts as compatible with Alexa.

The smart sticky note printer will make it easier to print shopping lists, reminders, calendar events and other things.

The nutrition scale will help with gaining nutrition information and food facts. And the cuckoo clock will feature 60 LEDs, a mechanical pop-out cuckoo bird, and built-in speakers for times and alarms to help keep people on task, the blog says.

Amazon was recently in the news when longtime CEO Jeff Bezos announced he is stepping down from his role in lieu of a less-present one as executive chairman, effective in Q3 this year.

This comes after Amazon logged its first $100 billion quarter in Q4, as it reaped the benefits of the eCommerce surge as people adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bezos said he intends to stay busy despite stepping away from the CEO role, focusing on “Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, The Washington Post,” and other things, he said.