Most Americans Have At Least One Apple Product

It’s Apple’s world — we all just live here.

This may seem like a rather dramatic statement, but according to CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey, the average American household owns about 2.6 Apple products. The last time the survey was taken was in 2012; in the intervening five years, Americans have added a full Apple product to their households (the number used to be 1.6).

Moreover, 64 percent of Americans own an Apple product — and that reality is true no matter what demographic at which one looks. While not much unites Americans at this point, as it turns out, people of all ages, races, religions and genders love Apple.

Poor people? Yeah, not so much — socioeconomic class is the demographic that bucks the trend. It’s not, by the way, that they don’t own Apple products. They just have fewer than average — only one as opposed to 2.6. The wealthiest Americans, on the other hand, own 4.7 products per household.

And apparently, 64 percent of respondents in the survey reported that their smartphone usage is “mostly productive and useful.”

The market for expensive, tech-savvy phones is high — Samsung and Google are its two biggest rivals. But, according to research, no other brand has matched Apple’s level of dominance among the American public or managed the intense personal loyalty Apple users feel to their devices, despite lagging sales and less enthusiasm for its newest products.



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