67% of Consumers Want a Super App to Manage Their Digital Activities

Consumers want to consolidate their digital experiences into a single interface. In fact, 67% of all consumers would be interested in integrating at least two areas of their digital lives into a single app, providing them a centralized hub to manage a broader range of their digital activities, according to The Connected Consumer In The Digital Economy, a PYMNTS study based on a survey of 3,166 consumers.

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Three factors drive this interest. Twenty percent of consumers are “information seekers” who want to have a single, convenient place to assemble data about shopping, travel and entertainment; 18% are “financial wellness seekers” who see value in having a single place to access and manage their money in their various bank accounts and to make and receive payments, and 11% are “convenience seekers” who want to simplify access to information and transacting within and across all 10 pillars of the connected economy.

Millennials are especially likely to be “convenience seekers,” as they account for 45% of such consumers. Generation X and bridge millennials are also far more likely than the average consumer to express interest in this type of super app.

The interest in a super app differs by financial lifestyle, too. Convenience seekers appear to be the most financially stable: 37% say they do not live paycheck to paycheck.

Information seekers are the most likely of all to be living paycheck to paycheck without struggling to pay their bills, with 44% doing so.

Financial wellness seekers are the least financially stable of any persona group, as they are the most likely of all to say that they are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to pay their bills, at 29%.