Today in FinTech: D2C BNPL; Flexible Payments; Cash-Back Rewards

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In today’s FinTech news, flexibility could be a game changer for the direct-to-consumer sector, the IT industry and every space — be it in-store or online. Plus, Greenlight and Mastercard are offering cash-back rewards for reinvestment in long-term savings for things like college and whatever else might come up.

Zilch Expands D2C BNPL With Cashback Rewards to US

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) startup Zilch is moving into the U.S. with its direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.

Launched in 2020 and headquartered in London, the platform offers 2% instant cash-back rewards on purchases made with its installment billing product and has over 150,000 people pre-registered to join the program in the U.S.

MultiPay Launches Installment Payments Product With Mastercard

MultiPay Global Solutions is teaming up with Mastercard to offer people flexible payments both in-store and online.

MultiPay CEO David Maisey said that consumers want the same features and services they get both in both places. By using an existing bank account, retailers can seamlessly connect to MultiPay Installments powered by Mastercard and continue to use their current payment infrastructure for existing payment methods.

Westcon-Comstor Rolls Out Flexible Payments for IT Space 

Westcon-Comstor, a global technology provider and specialist distributor, is launching Flexible Payment Solutions (Flex) for the IT space to address the shift the tech industry has undergone from traditional resale models to subscription-based offerings.

Flex aims to help relieve cash flow pressures, facilitate subscription services and help vendors and partners meet customer expectations. 

Crypto Platform Wirex Expands Wallet Offerings

Cryptocurrency platform Wirex has expanded its offerings, giving users the chance to purchase crypto and make payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay

Wirex Wallet holders can now store and hold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on multiple blockchains purchased from marketplaces, and users can store all their blockchain-based assets on one platform. The company is also expanding with these new offerings across in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Portugal.

Greenlight, Mastercard Debut College Savings Credit Card

FinTech Greenlight is launching the Greenlight Family Cash Mastercard, which is designed to assist parents with savings for their children’s education and other major long term life events.

The Family Cash Card offers as much as 3% cash back on every purchase, with the ability to invest rewards in savings.