Revolut Lets Some Customers Earn Rewards, Learn About Crypto

Revolut’s Crypto Learn & Earn program will allow users to learn about rewards and how to work with the assets, a company blog said Tuesday (July 12).

This will allow customers a way to learn about a specific crypto and learn more about the whole world, through new lessons with videos and questions to learn about one’s knowledge of the digital assets.

When a customer completes a lesson they might end up getting a small amount of crypto as a reward. Revolut noted that it has “regularly” updated the lessons and crypto involved. Every customer in any countries in its FAQ is available for the program.

The company said users will get a reward that will be shown to them in the Revolut app before they start a lesson. It will be denominated in fiat currency, though the reward will be in a cryptocurrency token.

The company said those who have never used the Revolut crypto product will only be eligible to get the reward for completing the lessons after completing an onboarding through the company crypto product, which will involve accepting terms and accepting risk disclosures.

Read more: Revolut Teams With Stripe to Power International Growth

PYMNTS wrote that Revolut has partnered recently with Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform, to add power for its worldwide expansion plans for new markets along with payments needs for the U.K. and Europe. Revolut has an upcoming expansion that will look into adding stores for Mexico and Brazil. It plans to use the company’s infrastructure to add more services there.

David Tirado, vice president of business development for Revolut, said the goal was “seamless solutions” for customers.

“That means access to quick and easy payments, and our collaboration with Stripe facilitates that,” he said. “We share a common vision and are excited to collaborate across multiple areas, from leveraging Stripe’s infrastructure to accelerate our global expansion, to exploring innovative new products for Revolut’s more than 18 million customers.”

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