MyFitnessPal Sticks at No. 1 In Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps

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Keep that heart rate up. Watch your form on those pushups. You call those crunches?

These are the kinds of things a personal trainer would say. In the absence of such a person, we rely on the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps to give useful insights on the apps that are fitness-first, and that’s what we need as swimsuit season looms.

The Top 5

It’s been fairly quiet in the Top 5 lately, as the MyFitnessPal app continues its run at No. 1.

Thumbs up for Planet Fitness Workouts not overdoing it yet holding tight at No. 2.

The Sweatcoin step counter app is walking in place at No. 3.

No change for the Strava app, looking fit at No. 4.

The big news this cycle is Workouts By Muscle Booster gaining one chart position and moving into the Top 5 at No. 5. We’re all about getting results around here.

The Top 10

FitCoach drops one spot and into the No. 6 chart position this month.

Never afraid to break a sweat, it’s the Nike Training Club app up a spot to No. 7.

The FitOn app drops a spot to No. 8, so now it’ll have to work twice as hard on leg day.

We’ve got a new tied score at No. 9 as the Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker app (already so-ranked) is joined by Map My Run By Under Armour, which is up a spot.

Entering the Top 10 at No. 10 this cycle is the Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer app.

And that’s your lot. Good health, everyone.