Internet of Things

GEOBRIDGE KEES Descopes Enterprise IoT Key Management


GEOBRIDGE KEES (Key Exchange & Escrow Service) is expanding its on-demand services for HSMs and key management.

Independently validated and certified for PCI PIN, the KEES service supports organizations with all aspects of the full key management lifecycle, including distribution, storage, usage and more. The service addresses many of the unique challenges that key management teams face throughout the industry.

For example, some smaller companies have a difficult time finding, training, and keeping a primary key manager, along with three unique key custodians, that do not represent undue influence. In addition, those individuals must have appropriate back-ups or stand-ins that meet the same criteria for training and undue influence.

And making matters even more difficult, for most organizations key management is a part time role. But with the expansion of encryption requirements, it is crucial to have a centralized key management utility or team in place.

The KEES service has bridged this staffing gap by relying on personnel that have made key management a full-time career. By utilizing the service, organizations benefit from a dedicated staff with expertise in key generation, key distribution, key rotation, key escrow, and compliance scope reduction.

In fact, one of the company’s newest clients was able to descope a more than 6,000 employee campus from audit requirements by utilizing GEOBRIDGE's key management escrow service, while another client was able to fulfill an upcoming need to generate and deliver several hundred keys to a business partner. If this task had to be carried out by part time personnel, it could have taken months, if not longer. The KEES Service, however, was able to process the request in just a few weeks.

“We are very excited by the progress and prospect of the KEES Service. We have been able to apply our decades of experience in a new and meaningful way that has built even stronger partnerships with our clients,” said GEOBRIDGE Corporation CEO Laura Way in a press release.



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