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Snapchat Unveils New Advertisers Dashboard

There’s no getting around having a social media platform without some form of advertising to help turn a profit.

In its latest announcement, disappearing photo social media company Snapchat has unveiled its new advertising product to help translate online conversations to offline sales conversions.

Dubbed the “Snap to Store,” this new feature has been released in its beta form. The social media company also had Greenberg Strategy put together research on where people snapchatted the most and found the places included restaurants (80 percent), shopping malls (66 percent), gyms (50 percent) and airports (49 percent).

The new dashboard gives advertisers a peek into a combination of the amount of ad views and the number of people who physically visited that retail location. Snapchat is also breaking down each users’ data by gender, age, state and the product used.

Down the road, Snapchat plans to add on lifestyle categories to help further break down users by interests. For example, those that visit gyms more often are likely to receive ads for health-related items. While Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel is promising to not compromise user privacy, people have the option to opt-out of location-based targeting at any time, and the app does not track when it’s not in use.



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