NEW REPORT: Mastering mPOS At The British Open

With mPOS technology, consumers around the world can pay for purchases with a tap on their phones, and businesses can accept payments from practically any payee in any country through a mobile device. In the August edition of the mPOS Tracker™, PYMNTS explores how mobile devices are making an international impact.

The Tracker also looks at how mobile just leveled the playing field for golf fans, metaphorically, by facilitating concessions delivery service at the recent British Open Championship in England. But more on that later.

Around the mPOS world

While plenty of Americans won’t do anything without their smartphones, mobile devices may be even more popular abroad, with mobile wallet usage rates in Europe and Asia far outpacing the U.S. — and providers are eager to capitalize on the popularity.

German restaurant POS system GASTROFIX, for one, recently received the funding it needed to fuel an international expansion. It landed €15 million from the Radeberger group last month to cover the costs of those efforts.

Meanwhile, Chinese mobile payments and mobile wallet app WeChat Pay recently announced it would partner with Wirecard AG to enable more European retailers to accept payments via the app. Also in expansion news, California-based credit card processor Square is continuing international efforts in the U.K., where it recently added partners TouchBistro and Vend to its Square U.K. platform.

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Mastercard’s mPOS shot at the Open Championship

mPOS had a major moment at golf’s most recent British Open Championship when Mastercard chose to debut delivery service as part of its Qkr! mPOS platform last month. While the mPOS system had been rolled out for large crowds before, the system was used for concessions delivery for the first time at the Open — and the golf course venue posed challenges that typical stadium events do not.

For August’s mPOS Tracker feature story, PYMNTS caught up with Elliott Goldenberg, head of digital payments for Mastercard U.K., to discuss the company’s mobile payments efforts at the PGA Open Championship, and the challenges that came along with it — including ensuring on-site staff were ready for the grand debut. 

“These merchants have to be ready to get a rush of orders at one time, because there’s no line regulating how fast people can put orders in or anything like that,” Goldenberg said. “So, we go through quite an intensive [trial] period with the merchant to make sure they are ready to deal with the demand that may come.”

To read the story and check out all the latest mPOS news and trends, along with a ranked provider directory featuring 283 major players in the space — including four new entries this month — check out the August edition of the PYMNTS mPOS Tracker™. 

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