European Truckers Leave Cash At Home For Safer Prepaid Cards

Contis Group has launched credEcardplus, a multi-currency cash replacement prepaid solution. The prepaid card is a customized solution to delivered to 128 European haulage customers of one of Contis’ clients – Transport Consulting Services (TCS). The card allows over 2000 truckers to have safer journeys – instead of carrying large sums of cash to pay for routine expenses during their trip they simply have to charge their pre-paid card. The card also provides a more streamlined expenses solution for both truckers and their employers, as credEcardplus lets the employers control how much is spent.

Since the solution was launched in June 2012, 2,156 credEcardplus cards have been issued to independent drivers and haulage firms and are now in use across a variety of European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.. Despite remaining in the early stages of deployment, Contis Group has already processed in excess of €100,000 via product.

It is Contis’ tailored solution that accounts for its success. It renders its users’ working conditions both simpler and safer. Success is driving Contis’ desire for expansion, says Mike Frommant, Managing Director, Contis Group: We’re delighted with the take up and continued demand for the solution and are already in talks with TCS about expanding the card’s parameters to encompass a wider range of services for the card users and their employers”.


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