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Apartment Hunting Becomes a Bit More Bearable

The Public Record Source, LLC, a twenty year veteran of the public record research experience,  launched a cloud based screening platform, AccuRental. The platform was created to include a tenant screening web application that would change the rental property industry with new cloud-technologies.

Serving as a one stop shop, AccuRental provides an outlet for landlords to create a quality listing that is integrated into the top real estate listing sites, including, Zillow, Truila and Rent.com. After interested applicants submit applications through the AccuRental platform, landlords can request screening reports from their applicants directly without asking for date of birth or social security number. Once the report request is approved, the landlord instantly receives a tenant screening report, checking credit, employment, medical, foreclosure, bankruptcies, past eviction and past history records.

The lease process can be initiated through the cloud and by providing an electronic signature. AccuRental plans to expand the feature after the launch by continuing to allow landlords to receive rental payments directly through AccuRental and expanding the app to smartphones and tablet applications.

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