Department of Defense Sees Bitcoin as Possible Terrorist Threat


The virtual currency is seen as a potential finance threat because of an unclassified memo that was discovered.

Bitcoin is now on the U.S. Military’s radar as a possible terrorist threat, according to the International Business Times.

The Department of Defense identified the virtual currency as a threat because of an unclassified memo discovered by Bitcoin Magazine.  It stated that it could increase “…the opaqueness, transactional velocity, and overall efficiencies of terrorist attacks.”

The memo was discovered in January and included detailed services for CTTSO projects. The memo stated that one of the mission requirements was to create “ to develop and/or enhance new concepts and constructs for understanding the role of virtual currencies” in financing threats against the United States.

In October, the FBI closed down the Silk Road, a digital black market that allowed users to buy drugs and even assassins exclusively with Bitcoins.

According to the International Business Times, Android, Motorola, social media and virtual reality are also on the CTTSO’s list of terrorism research topics.


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