Apple Pay Coming Soon To 200K Laundries, Vending Machines And Parking Kiosks

Apple Pay thus far has been hit or miss when it comes to vending machines and other similar self-service, standalone hardware. However, with USA Technologies’ announcement that it’s bringing Apple Pay to around 200,000 of these self-serve payment terminals – which include everything from coffee brewers to vending machines, kiosks, laundry equipment and pay parking terminals – it looks like that balance is starting to tip more firmly to hit. 

“Our customers are excited to accept Apple Pay at the self-serve locations they operate,” said Stephen P. Herbert, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USA Technologies. “We anticipate that the millions of consumers who frequent these locations will appreciate the convenience and security of using Apple Pay for their everyday purchases, and we believe that Apple Pay will help to drive additional sales for our customers. USA Technologies has always sought to provide convenience, security and an easy way to pay for consumers who are less and less likely to carry cash.”

USA Tech’s machines will also give Apple Pay an entrance into amusement parks and arcades, car washes, and transit services as these are the places their self-service products are most often found. Additionally, the firm has prior experience with large brands like Starbucks as well as SMB nationwide.

This is Apple’s second big self-service announcement in 2015, as Chevron announced in the waning days of 2014 that it will it will be working work with Apple Pay to make it possible for customers to use their smart devices to purchase gas at the pump as well as other gas station goods.