Preparing EMV For The Future

The EMV liability shift just got here, but the industry is already discussing its future.

Preparing EMV for the future

The EMV liability shift just got here, but the payments industry is already predicting challenges, forecasting trends and discussing multiple use cases. With roughly 250 million EMV chip cards out of 1.2 billion out there, the U.S. is said to be the largest EMV market in the world. But the road to 100 percent is long, and there are lessons to be learned from other markets.

Is Security All About Encryption?

Tech companies lauded the Obama administration’s move to back away from legislation that enables the government to access encrypted user data like messages and pictures. This is only going to pump up the already growing encryption market. Software is expected to be a $4 billion market by 2019. In this edition of the Digital Identity Tracker, powered by Oberthur, we discuss what’s driving this growth and other industry news.

Tracker Updates

This issue includes the profiles of 78 industry players, with five new profiles and four updated company profiles.

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