Five At Five: The Growing Power Of Loyalty

Welcome to Five at Five, your late look at the day’s payments and commerce news. Today’s coverage includes the increasing importance of loyalty programs to airlines, and Allstate’s plan to boost its power in identity protection. Intuit has mobile app news, Walmart cozies up with Moosejaw and Alibaba has a new partnership centered around credit options.

Major US Airlines Grow Loyalty Program Revenue

As airlines seek income beyond fares, carriers are turning to credit card offers to broaden their revenue streams. In the second quarter, major carriers in the U.S. earned more from loyalty and credit card programs than they did in the same period the prior year.

Allstate Plans to Acquire InfoArmor for $525M

Arizona-based InfoArmor provides more than one million employees and their family members with identity protection at more than 1,400 firms. Of those firms, more than 100 are Fortune 500 companies.

Intuit’s Mint Updates iOS App With Data-Driven Insights

Currently, MintSights can make recommendations for 10 situations, such as consolidating debt, growing investments and creating a first budget. The feature will grow with time to learn behavior patterns, allowing users to uncover trends and save more money. At the same time, the app will provide offers from Mint’s partners. Launches Moosejaw-Curated Outdoor Shop

What does it truly mean to be seized by Moosejaw Madness? Well, according to Walmart, it is giving in to the fun that is built into the store experience. The fun, according to a blog post, includes things like “creating goofy Test Lab videos” or “helping our customers break up with their BF/GF.”

Alibaba’s Lazada Partners With Finaxar to Offer Credit Options to SMEs

Finaxar will offer its services to Lazada sellers in Singapore, with plans to eventually expand to cover other parts of Southeast Asia. The goal is to increase the number of retailers in the region, which boasts 650 million consumers.



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