Today In Payments: Puerto Rico Falls Prey To $4M Online Fraud; India’s Antitrust Investigation Into Amazon, Flipkart On Hold

Payments News: Puerto Rico Falls Prey To Scam

In today’s top news, at least four Puerto Rico government agencies were targeted in a $4 million online scam, and India’s court hit pause on their antitrust investigation into Amazon and Flipkart. Also, Flywire raised $120 million and acquired Simplee Healthcare.

Puerto Rico Falls Prey To $4M Online Fraud

At least four Puerto Rico government agencies were targeted in an online scam, which attempted to steal $4 million in retirement funds. Authorities have frozen at least $2.9 million, said an anonymous official. The amount of money actually taken is unknown.

India’s Antitrust Investigation Into Amazon, Flipkart On Hold

Following a challenge submitted by Amazon, an antitrust investigation in India into the eCommerce giant and Flipkart has been put on hold for two months.

Flywire Raises $120M, Acquires Simplee Healthcare

Flywire announced it has acquired healthcare technology startup Simplee and closed a $120 million Series E investment round led by Goldman Sachs. The vertical payments startup will use the investment to optimize and scale digital payment services across its core sectors, including healthcare, education and travel.

JPMorgan To FinTechs: Sign Data Sharing Deals, Sources Say

JPMorgan Chase has reportedly made July 30 the deadline for FinTechs to sign new data access agreements with the bank. FinTech firms will be prevented from accessing client data if they fail to ink the deals.

How Greyhound Bus Makes Fraudsters Play Fare

In the age of online fraud, Greyhound is using advanced learning tools to overhaul its security measures while expanding its purchasing channels. Todd Koch, vice president of Strategy, Marketing and Customer Engagement, explained in the new Merchant Fraud Decisioning Playbook.

Afterpay On Surviving And Thriving After Its Early IPO

Afterpay took a risk and went public just nine months after its first round of funding — and that risk paid off, not just for the firm, but also for its retail merchants, Nick Molnar, Afterpay co-founder and U.S. CEO, told Karen Webster.

Love: There’s An App For That

In the face of online romance scams, apps like Facebook Dating and Tinder — and more unique, niche dating apps you didn’t know existed — are working to provide singles with safe and secure meet-and-mingle opportunities.