TD Bank Customizes Financial Services For Healthcare Industry

TD Bank Offers Financial Services for Healthcare

TD Bank is introducing new services in Canada designed to address the unique financial services needs of the healthcare sector.

Announced in a press release on Monday (Dec. 3), the services offered from the TD Wealth Management for Healthcare Practitioners group include access to senior private bankers, investment managers, financial planners and lending specialists with expertise in the healthcare industry.

Offered via TD Wealth Private Banking, the services aim to provide individual industry professionals in the healthcare market with customized financial solutions around banking, finance, insurance, tax, retirement and other products.

“We understand medical and healthcare professionals have unique financial needs, and it can benefit those professionals and their families to work with a specialized team of banking, investment, commercial banking and wealth advisory services to help achieve their financial and life goals,” said TD Private Wealth Management Senior Vice President Dave Kelly in a statement.

“Our team of experienced advisors can offer a range of wealth management products and services for physicians just starting out, juggling medical school loans while setting up a practice, to retiring doctors looking to sell or close their business,” added TD Financial Planning Senior Vice President Rowena Chan.

Earlier this year, TD Bank announced a partnership with Bottomline Technologies’ Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions, allowing corporate customers to streamline their B2B payments via check, card and ACH. The collaboration followed a previous deal announced with BizEquity that introduced a business valuation service for small business clients interested in selling their firms.

Researchers commissioned by TD Bank for its “Treasury Perspectives” report published in April found that, for business clients, access to payments data is critical, more so than speed.

“Rich data attached to payment files makes the jobs of both bankers and corporate professionals easier,” said Tom Gregory, TD Bank senior vice president and head of treasury management sales operations, in a statement at the time.