RoadSync Streamlines Logistics Payments With QuickBooks


Logistics payments platform RoadSync is syncing into QuickBooks to boost transaction efficiency for its users.

A press release reported by AJOT this week said RoadSync is integrating into QuickBooks to automatically enter transaction information of payments made on the RoadSync platform into the back-office accounting portal for more seamless reconciliation and financial data capture.

RoadSync pointed to time saved on manual data entry as a key benefit for end users, including freight handlers, trucking firms, warehouse managers, truck repair spots and other players in the logistics sector.

“Our integration with QuickBooks is a feature we’re excited to offer our users,” the firm’s CEO Robin Gregg said in a statement. “Simplifying accounting processes gives businesses more time to focus on growth strategies and accomplishing other goals. Through this integration, we continue to build upon our platform and provide our customers with more tools to streamline their financial operations.”

Last month Gregg spoke with PYMNTS about some of the biggest challenges of promoting electronic payments in the logistics space, particularly when it comes to paying warehouses — a part of the industry that often deals with paper and cash.

“Companies in the logistics ecosystem are often trying to invoice and collect payments in real time, and they’re all mobile,” she said. “If you’re a repair shop, you might be trying to collect payment alongside the interstate. If you’re a small carrier, you might be literally on the road trying to collect payment … A lot of these folks are accepting cash, so there is a lot of leakage.

Relying on cash and paper can amplify bottlenecks in the flow of cash, she added, and for smaller businesses, that lack of cash management resulting from ePayments adoption can prevent firms from accepting their next repair job or next load.