Bringg Announces Early Release Of B2B Delivery, Fleet Service

Brigg Announces B2B Delivery, Fleet Service

Online delivery platform Bringg has announced the early release of its new BringgNow solution to help with speedy online deliveries.

The solution wasn’t supposed to be released until later in 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic necessitating speed in delivery of essential items like groceries, Bringg opted to roll it out early for free.

With BringgNow, business owners will be able to quickly load incoming orders, dispatch deliveries to drivers or crowdsourced fleets, and deliver items in an efficient manner that a press release describes as “Uber-like.”

Online delivery has become more popular amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as people try to avoid going out in an attempt to avoid spreading or catching the disease.

Bringg aims to help smaller businesses attain the same level of speed and efficiency of delivery as the biggest names in the business world, the press release states. The company said that BringgNow will offer easy setup of delivery operations, simple methods for managing incoming orders and ways to track orders in real time.

Bringg CEO Guy Bloch stressed the importance of keeping up with the rapid changes stemming from COVID-19 and seeking new solutions to adapt to everyone’s “new normal.” Bloch said the company had an obligation to release BringgNow early to help businesses deal with the crisis. He added that he hoped everyone could work together to help the world recover from the virus’ impact.

Online deliveries have spiked as of late, with everyone trying to find ways to keep enjoying the things they always did despite massive shutdowns and restrictions in movement due to COVID-19. Retailers have offered price cuts, Kraft Heinz has been working with Amazon and Walmart to hasten deliveries, and Best Buy has moved to curbside delivery amid a massive uptick in home office equipment purchases.