i2c Teams With Zero To Launch Hybrid Debit/Credit Card

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To help reimagine the traditional banking experience, digital banking and payments processing technology and infrastructure provider i2c is teaming with Zero. As a financial technology company, Zero lets consumers experience the things they enjoy about debit cards while using a credit card, i2c said in a press release.

“Zero is a perfect example of how new entrants to the market are reimagining the relationship between customers and their money,” i2c EVP of Global Client Success Peg Johnson said in the release announcing the partnership. “i2c’s platform gives companies like Zero the ability to offer access to a fundamentally modern and differentiated financial services relationship. Zero empowers consumers to actively manage their money, avoid long-term debt, and be rewarded with cash back.”

Zero’s mobile banking experience is powered by an app, a Zerocard credit card and a Zero Checking account. Customers can view purchases, transfers and deposits reflected towards their net balance with their flagship Debit-style Experience enabled. As a result, customers know exactly how much they have available to spend much as they are used to using their debit card.

At the same time, Zero can pay customers a higher cash back rate that is between 1 and 3 percent for all purchases, as Zerocard is a credit card and processes on credit card networks. The cash back can rise by referring new customers to Zero or through spending activity. And the agile payment platform of i2c has advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as controls that let program managers and issuers quickly launch programs, effectively communicate with cardholders and customize card features in addition to functionality.

Zero CEO and Founder Bryce Galen said in the release, “i2c is a key enabling partner for Zero.” Galen continued, “i2c’s issuer technology enables us to combine features and functionality across credit, debit, and checking to deliver a modern banking experience. We are excited to set a new standard for how rewarding banking can be.”


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