Bitcoin Daily: App Lets Users Earn Crypto On Zoom Calls; Bundle App Pairs Cash, Crypto Payments In Africa

Video Conferencing

A new app is letting users earn digital currency via Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is making it easier for businesses to earn money, CoinDesk reported.

The SmartSessions paywall, which was created by 2key New Economics, lets “solopreneurs” and companies tap into digital currency payments as they provide services via the videoconferencing software.

Once a session is created in the app, the technology makes a customized Zoom link that is delivered to a targeted group, automatically handling the payments. Hosts can also see data points like invite views or ticket sales. The solution reportedly helps those who have had to leave their typical locations, like yoga teachers, mentors and advisers.

In other news, Binance has announced the rollout of a social payments app for digital currencies and cash called Bundle in a post on its blog.

The technology lets users ask for, send or get digital currency or cash from others.

“We decided to build a mobile wallet that supports cash and crypto and makes using crypto feel like just another digital financial transaction done on a mobile app,” Founder Yele Bademosi said in the post.

The post noted that Bundle is seeking to reach young and educated users who have digital know-how and spending power. Bundle closed a pre-seed fundraise in September of last year, taking in $450,000 from Binance.

Meanwhile, the Blockstack testnet is now available, and technologists have the ability to mimic a hybrid consensus tool dubbed Proof-of-Transfer (PoX), CoinDesk reported.

“A successful trial of Proof of Transfer would signal a viable third option that relies instead on Bitcoin as a foundation for Web3 going forward,” Blockstack PBC CEO Muneeb Ali said, per the report.

The report noted that a working blockchain is essential for Blockstack to be behind a novel type of decentralized internet.