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Bringg Unveils Last-Mile Delivery Tool ROAD

Delivery management platform Bringg has debuted a tool to streamline last-mile delivery.

The company’s ROAD offering, announced Tuesday (Oct. 10), is designed to help companies “mitigate the risk of change management within the last mile of delivery by dividing the process into three tiers, each serving a different stage of maturity,” Brigg said in a news release. 

By offering a flexible model, the company added, businesses gain the ability to manage internal fleets, increase delivery options, automate processes and speed up last-mile operations.

“Consumers expect a seamless post-purchase experience, with visibility into delivery options, seamless order tracking and frictionless returns,” Bringg CEO Guy Bloch said.

“With the last mile increasingly seen as a key differentiator in today’s competitive market, it is crucial that we support businesses at all stages of their delivery optimization journey. ROAD provides the flexibility retailers and logistics companies need to optimize existing operations, and undertake digital transformation at their own pace while providing the flexibility to evolve over time.”

The debut of ROAD comes one week after Bringg announced the integration of its platform with Google Cloud Marketplace to help retailers and eCommerce firms optimize last-mile delivery.

“By deploying Bringg’s solution portfolio, companies using Google Cloud will be able to dynamically manage internal fleets, expand delivery capacity, reduce costs and provide branded customer experiences,” PYMNTS wrote last week. 

In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in July, AxleHire CEO Raj Ramanan said the last mile is the last and best opportunity for eCommerce firms to leave a good impression.

At a high level, it can help “consumers hold brands accountable for the delivery experience,” Ramanan told Webster. And a satisfying delivery, he said, can yield repeat purchases.

“Delivery,” he added, “should be thought of as an extension of the brand, and not just a cost bucket to manage.”

The last mile, Ramanan argued, is the “last leg” of connecting the brand with the end customer — the last interaction where the perception of quality is formed. Amazon Prime, of course, is the standard that everyone’s aiming for.

“The greenfield opportunity is staggering,” PYMNTS wrote. “Domestic delivery will be a $200 billion market in the next few years, and is growing at about 15% annually.”