Unifimoney Integrates With Q2 Digital Banking Platform

Digital wealth management platform Unifimoney on Wednesday (Jan. 5) made its debut in the Q2 Innovation Studio by making its trading platform pre-enabled to more than 450 financial institutions (FIs) on the Q2 digital banking platform.

FIs can now give their customers single sign-on access to the Unifimoney platform, which includes thousands of stocks and ETFs, more than 50 cryptocurrencies and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum.

“Banks and credit unions are looking for ways to attract and retain a new generation of customers,” said Ben Soppitt, CEO of Unifimoney, in the company announcement. “As consumers embrace digital investing and money management, regional banks and credit unions must seek to not just keep up with fintechs and ‘Big Brand’ banks but outcompete them.

“We are thrilled to be part of that future and to have our digital wealth management solution integrated to the Q2 platform,” he said.

FIs and Q2 FinTech partners can use the Q2 Innovation Studio suite of technologies and programs to design, develop and distribute digital banking products, services and features. The Q2 Marketplace and Partner Accelerator Programs allows FIs to select and deploy pre-integrated apps without investing in development and implementation resources or an evaluation process.

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In October 2020, Unifimoney teamed up with Singapore FinTech startup Nium for real-time money transfers across the globe, offering Unifimoney customers an enhanced, expanded money transfer experience in real time.

Nium’s global transfer capabilities give Unifimoney’s customers a secure, automated solution to manage their savings, investments and expenditures through the Silicon Valley-based neobank’s platform. Money can be sent to major hubs in Europe and Asia using the app, and the FX rate is lower than that of banks.

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