Snapchat Debuts New Developer Tools Including eCommerce

Snap has rolled out a large array of new features for popular social media app Snapchat, including Snap Minis, which allow brands to offer new ways to connect on the app, and new augmented reality features, the company said on Thursday (June 11).

The popular social media app said Minis are “a new way for developers to bring their services inside Snapchat and empower new, social experiences.” Users will be able to use apps like Headspace to meditate with friends, flashcards apps to study together, or utilize apps to buy event tickets, all easily integrated into Snapchat’s features, the company said.

The augmented reality program comes in several new forms, including SnapML, an update to Snapchat’s camera platform Lens Studio which has implemented machine learning capabilities that developers can bring to the platform to create their own Lenses.

Users will be able to utilize the augmented reality device to make real-life photos more colorful with digital paint and designs, the website says.

Also, there are new press-and-hold “Scan” partners that work to identify types of plants, breeds of dog and recognize nutrients in food.

In addition, the company’s augmented reality feature can be utilized to let Snap users “become part of the show” for many of the app’s original productions, with the motion-tracking lenses used to let users perform dance moves and experience optical illusions, among other features.

Meanwhile, the new Camera Kit app will integrate the augmented reality feature to let users utilize it while chatting together, shopping or watching videos. And with the new Dynamic Lenses feature, Snap users can bring real-time information to share custom lenses and group hangouts, the website says.

Social media apps from TikTok to Instagram to Facebook have seen more activity over the past few months as people had to spend time inside to avoid the coronavirus. With that has come more opportunities for brands to advertise and find new avenues for revenues.


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