Shopify Offers Shop Pay Checkout System To All Facebook, Google Merchants

Shopify is ringing up a big expansion that will make its Shop Pay “one-click checkout” available to any business selling on Facebook and Google. The offer includes merchants that are not even on Shopify.

The rollout will start this summer on Facebook and Instagram and move on to Google in late 2021, Shopify said in a press release. The company said that will make Shop Pay available to more than 1 million merchants on those platforms.

The release said that businesses will benefit from “faster, more efficient and secure payments” in addition to “convenient order tracking and management.”

“Having an accelerated checkout like Shop Pay has been invaluable for our brand. As an eCommerce store owner we’re always looking for ways to increase our conversion rate,” said Edward Glassman CEO and Co-Founder Bryan Anthonys. “When it comes to increasing your conversion rate, there’s nothing that can compare to an accelerated checkout such as Shop Pay.”

Shopify calls Shop Pay “the highest-converting checkout on the Internet.” Earlier this year, the company had allowed Shopify merchants to use Shop Pay on Facebook and Instagram.

“People are embracing social platforms not only for connection but for commerce,” Carl Rivera, head of Shop at Shopify, said in a February blog post. “We’ll continue to work with Facebook to bring a number of Shopify services and products to these platforms to make social selling so much better.”

Earlier this month (June 10), Shopify said that its Shop Pay Installments, powered by Affirm, would be available to all eligible U.S. merchants selling on the Shopify platform.

Shop Pay Installments allows merchants to give buyers a flexible way to pay for the goods they want. Unlike typical buy now, pay later (BNPL) plans, Shopify’s setup doesn’t require users to pivot to a different site to complete their purchase. Merchants report 28 percent fewer abandoned carts using Shop Pay Installments after using another BNPL solution, Shopify said.