100% of Top-Performing Online Merchants Offer Product Ratings and Live Site Help

Features that give consumers more control over their online shopping experience boost customer satisfaction, and merchants are giving shoppers more control by providing features that simplify the checkout process and reduce friction.

Consumer Choice At The Checkout, a PYMNTS and Checkout.com collaboration based on a survey of 2,139 consumers in the United States, found that several convenience and security features are key to delivering a satisfactory checkout experience to consumers.

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The convenience features that the greatest share of consumers said they were “very” or “extremely” satisfied with during their most recent online shopping experience include the ability to mark that the mailing address matches the billing address, free shipping, online address confirmation and notification of a product’s availability.

Consumers also expect security, and consumers said they were “very” or “extremely” satisfied with the presence of security logos during the checkout process and with merchants’ offers of guarantees and refunds.

Top-performing online merchants are focusing on and increasing the availability of such checkout features as guarantees and refunds, buy buttons and quick add to cart. The increased availability of these features may be compensating for some online merchants’ decision to reduce the availability of free shipping. Most merchant website features remained available at roughly the same proportions or shifted moderately at most in the first half of 2021.

Mid-performing and bottom-performing online merchants are lagging because they offer shoppers fewer features than their top-performing competitors.

For example, while 100% of the top-performing merchants offer product ratings, reviews and recommendations, that feature is offered by only 73% of the mid-performers and 11% of the bottom-performing merchants.

Similarly, 100% of the top performance offer live site help, while that’s offered by only 77% of mid-performers and 56% of bottom-performing merchants.