TFLiving Raises $4.8M In Bid To Provide Amenities For Apartment Complexes

fitness class

TFLiving has closed a $4.8 million funding round to support its quest to bring amenities to residential and commercial spaces, according to a report.

The funding round included investments from Camber Creek, which led the round, and Courtside Ventures, among other investors.

The company uses technology to connect service providers such as massage therapists, yoga instructors, dog walkers and others with property managers and their residents. The idea is for users to sign up for classes or request services via the app, much like the way people request rides from Uber or Lyft.

The most popular use for TFLiving is for fitness classes and individual training. But the app offers numerous services and experience to residents at over 300 partnered properties.

TFLiving works by signing partnerships with the managers of buildings that do not currently offer amenities or want to add more to complement the ones they do have. The company checks out the building in question after an agreement is signed, and determines if there is any underutilized space in the building, such as a rooftop or a vacant unit, for the purposes of holding certain classes.

TFLiving will also survey residents of the building to find out what their interests are. The app can then serve up a roster of available services in those categories that are also within TFLiving’s price range.

Founder and CEO Devin Wirt said the strength of the platform comes from its highly-customizable cost structure, allowing for variables in who pays. For instance, at a building with a high budget for community engagement, the manager may choose to offer five classes per months and unlimited on-demand massages.

The property manager can also choose to provide TFLiving with unlimited access to the building without paying anything, instead requiring residents to pay for their services.

In most cases, the property managers handle the bills for community events, while residents handle services like dog walking.

TFLiving’s model is further proof that the digital world is finding new ways to accomplish tasks people have always wanted to have available.