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AT&T Teams With Startup To Hand Deliver Your Next Phone

AT&T is teaming with startup to hand deliver your next phone.

AT&T plans to expand its hand-delivery service of its phones to six additional cities beginning on Tuesday (Aug. 9) through a partnership with startup Enjoy, according to CNNMoney.

The on-demand delivery program launched last year in New York and San Francisco, but beginning on Tuesday, AT&T customers who live in Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Atlanta can now also take advantage of the service.

“Through its partnership with Enjoy, a startup that delivers gadgets to customers and shows people how to use them, AT&T will offer customers the choice of getting their phones delivered and set up wherever they want — at home, in their office, at Starbucks,” according to CNNMoney. “The gadget guru, an expert hired by Enjoy, will spend up to an hour teaching customers about their new purchase.”

This service is free, and customers can receive their orders in as quickly as four hours. To request the delivery service, simply click the button on AT&T’s website at checkout.

Ron Johnson, Enjoy’s cofounder and CEO, told CNNMoney that the delivery service is a “whole new way to buy and experience the world’s best tech products.”

According to its website, Enjoy aims to “make your life easier” by hand delivering your device to you and setting it up as needed.

“No more fumbling with the manual or returning it because it’s not what you thought it would be,” according to Enjoy’s website. “We think technology should make your life better. And we’re here to make that happen.”


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