NEW REPORT: Chatbots Go Omnichannel As Personal Stylists

Everyone could use a little styling help from time to time, but would you more likely ask a bedazzling chatbot than a human personal stylist or a fashionable friend? When you cut subjectivity out of the mix, a bot’s smart recommendations may just be the thing to help consumers shop better and enable retailers to get a grip on the future of fashion (and conversions).

This month’s Omnicommerce Tracker™, powered by Vantiv, looks at the latest advancements in smart technology that are powering sales, both online and in-store.

Bringing Omni to Brick-and-Mortar

Chatbots, robotics and other smart technology aren’t just powering online purchases — they’re in stores too.

Over the last month, several of the most recognizable names in retail announced redesigns, overhauls and changes designed to keep pace with the digital revolution and win back business from online competitors. 

Walmart is taking aim at Amazon, with a new patent for a smarter offering to Amazon’s Dash replenishment and delivery service by making Walmart’s system automated, able to use smart technology to tell when it’s time to reorder. The company also announced a plan to remodel stores in an effort to encourage in-store shoppers to also make purchases on

Similarly, Target is setting its sights on rivaling Amazon’s Prime Instant Delivery service. The big-name, big-box brand is currently testing its Target Restock next-day delivery technology in Minnesota retail locations — an attempt to win back some of the business lost to Amazon and other instant options. It’s also bolstering its eCommerce offering with a new virtual reality-inspired, 360-degree, room-viewing tool.

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Making Social a Complete Fashion Experience 

In the age of social media saturation, the industry is relying on social connections more than ever before to generate buzz, awareness and, ultimately, sales. Increasingly, brands and designers are looking to push their, well, looks on social media, through influencers with thousands of followers and other promotions that use the connective power of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

But is one company that is hoping to make Facebook a fashion destination in its own right. In a recent interview, Dr. Eitan Sharon and Karen Ouk,’s founder and senior vice president of business development, told PYMNTS how the company is partnering with retailers and working on other functions to make the future of fashion even more social, with a bot that uses Facebook’s Messenger chat feature to recommend and enable new purchases.

“From the consumer perspective, it helps them get style inspiration and find what they’re looking for,” Ouk said. “It’s basically a virtual stylist that’s at your fingertips, 24/7, that can make recommendations or help you find the right clothing for a special occasion or anything else.” 

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